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Posted by Veronique on August 18th, 2022
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Vampires have always been images of nocturnal glamour and potent sexuality, with a supernatural sheen that makes us all want to sink our teeth into a fantasy fang fest and walk away with a vamp stamp.
Netflix’s latest teen lust story, First Kill, is a biracial sapphic tale of bubbling biting hormones and sexual discovery, and there’s not one Buffy-style long-line leather trench coat in sight. We caught up with lead actress Sarah Catherine Hook, who plays Juliette Fairmont, to get some tips on neck nibbling.

How did you become a queer vampire in First Kill? What was your journey to getting involved with this project?

Like any acting job, it started with an audition. When I first received the breakdown in my inbox, I thought there was no way I was getting this role. Once I actually put myself on tape and spent some time in Juliette’s shoes, I thought, “Wow, that was really fun! Too bad I won’t get it.” With each callback and chemistry read, the need to play her was getting stronger and stronger. It wasn’t a matter of “I had to be her,” I really felt I was her.

Did yourself and Imani [Lewis] meet for a chemistry read before shooting, to just get to know one another and build up that connection?

Yes! We had a chemistry read over zoom that sealed the deal and then connected a few times via FaceTime before officially meeting in Atlanta!

It’s a lesbian biracial vampire meets monster hunter supernatural romance, and a family drama, so it’s ticking all the boxes. How involved were you in how you wanted to present your character?

I would say the way I wanted to present Juliette stemmed mostly from the audition process. It seemed that they liked my interpretation enough that they really allowed me to make my own acting choices while they took care of the rest – wardrobe, set, makeup, etc. I was free to do my job the way I wanted within the boundaries of the script.

How did you find your inner vampire for the role, did you watch any of those shows or movies for inspiration?

I love this question. YES! I actually watched videos of lions. Very, very hungry lions. I wanted Juliette to be animalistic when she had her bloodlust moments and I thought who would be better to emulate than a lion? As well as Megan Fox in Jennifer’s body, duh!

During filming, did you ever sneak your fangs off-set and just casually wear them outdoors, like at the supermarket or on the train?

While filming I (reluctantly) had to return them to our special effects department after finishing a scene, BUT I do have full ownership over them now!! While I haven’t worn them in public yet, I did wear them at my First Kill launch party, and they were a huge hit.

There’s always been a lot of vampire-themed entertainment in the world since Buffy and Twilight; it’s a craze that’s really shown a lot of staying power. What do you make of that? Do you watch other vampire things?

Of course! I’ve always been a fan of the undead! Vampire Diaries fully got me through my freshman year of college. It’s an easily obsess-able genre; the vampire world is relatable enough for people to see themselves and mystical enough for people to be entertained. Not to mention, we have been blessed with some truly sexy vampires in our time.

Speaking of sexy vampires, what do you feel differentiates First Kill, aside from the two female leads falling for one another?

I’d say the emphasis on the family aspects of the show separates us from most vampire/monster stories. We really went for the Capulet vs Montague storyline with this one.

What is it that makes vampires so attractive? They’ve been around a long time, so they probably know what they’re doing right?!

I think it’s just that! They’ve simply been around for a VERY long time, so they have lots of experience (if you know what I mean). Not to mention eternal youth? I mean come on. They’re just blessed. Or cursed. Whichever you think is appropriate.

I read that you had an intimacy coordinator for the kissing scene between yourself and Imani. How would one go about sinking their fangs into someone’s neck then, give us some tips?

HA! Listen, there’s really no way around this, ya just gotta bite them!

That spin the bottle moment in Episode 1 brought back some personal memories!

Have you ever played the game in real life and landed on someone you really wanted to kiss?

Never! You were witness to my first game of spin the bottle!

So aside from blood and lust, what’s next for you?

I can’t reveal too much about my next project just yet, but I’ll tell you that lobsters are involved and I’m VERY excited about that.

Source: behindtheblinds.be

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